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The Sun  One afternoon I was especially bored, antsy to get out of the house but with nowhere in particular to go.  I didn't especially want to go haunt the mall.  I remembered I had a new camera body to test out, so I got in my truck, grabbed my camera, and lit out for parts east.  I'd seen some interesting country in that direction, and decided I'd try my hand at some photos of the sunset.
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A panoramic of the mountain I decided to use as my backdrop.  I took this photo at a rest stop along the way, from a different direction.
hi-res version
Got this one while waiting for the sun to reach the horizon, with my fisheye adapter.  You can see the mild vignetting and the spectacular lens flare.
hi-res version
Y'know, the sun goes down a lot faster than you'd expect!  I only got a few shots off before it had dropped below the horizon.  This one shot of the last rays silhouetting the mountain is simple, but has some interesting subtleties.  I did have to retouch out the small, annoying lens flare.
hi-res version
After the sun went down I was experimenting with the camera's depth of field, along with a very fast lens, and this was one of the shots I took.  Just brambles and blur, yet it has an interesting feeling to it.
hi-res version

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