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The Rodeo:
Bull Riding
The animal rights people are always complaining how rodeos are cruel to the animals; roping them, throwing them on the ground, jumping on them, riding them when they're unwilling...  Well, folks, these events for the most part mirror the normal activities on a ranch; they serve to prove who's best at their job.

Most of these events, that is.  The most prominent event where you see something you WON'T at a ranch is bull riding.  Now, maybe the animal is unwilling, but the only cruelty being done is to the human on top.  So be happy, bunny-huggers; the beast gets a chance at revenge.

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So, you like driving hot rods?  Or big, powerful 4X4s?  Try strapping up to two tons of beef on the hoof between your legs.  You'll get a hell of a ride!
I was too far away for many of the photos; it severely limited the amount of detail I could get.  Doesn't take too much detail to look at this guy get thrown around.  Yikes!
And you didn't think cows could fly.  Don't be so skeptical!
Exit, stage right!

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