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The Rodeo:
Bronco Busting
Get on the horse.  Stay on the horse.  Don't fall off.  Sounds easy?  Well, if you've never ridden a horse, you might think so.  If you've ridden any horse, even the most gentle old mare, you've probably got an idea what that animal could do to you if you ever pissed it off.
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It would probably do something like this.  Now, picture yourself sitting on this guy.  How soon would you be off?  And how hard would you land?
Perhaps the best shot I got in the entire rodeo.  This horse did his bouncing and bounding right in front of me.  If I'd gotten a picture of the rider's face, it would've been perfect.
Now this lady is NOT riding a bucking bronco; she's running the barrel race.  (This race is for the women only, and I haven't seen any women in any of the other events.  How sexist!  :-)

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