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The Clouds After about 4 months of drought conditions in El Paso (and in the desert, drought means no rain at ALL), and one lousy little shower, I heard the early flash flood warnings over the radio, typical of a nice desert thundershower.  I ran out to get some photos of the clouds, which can be quite spectacular.  Off I went in my van to the Northern part of the city, the most scenic area.
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The dust in the air, here in the desert, creates vivid glories when the sun shines through a gap in the clouds.  This shoot shows two such over the Franklin Mountains. hi-res version
The sun is rapidly setting as the clouds gather in the North; opposite the prevailing winds.  The unusually muggy air quickly condenses into droplets as the temperature drops.  The monsoon will arrive in a matter of hours. hi-res version
Another shot of the gathering clouds.  The sun beams through a glory down onto the mountain.  The cotton cumulus clouds are absorbed into the big cumulonimbus storm cell. hi-res version
Zooming out, this is one of my favorite photos.  The wide-angle shot shows how the clouds reach overhead.  It's nearly impossible to really show the "big sky" in a photograph, but this is pretty close. hi-res version

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