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The Truck  After having purchased the canyon, I found my little Isuzu Amigo just wasn't up to driving around it.  If my Amigo had been a 4WD version, maybe; as is, I found myself wanting something a little more...  Substantial.  My father came to my rescue, gifting me with his 1993 Ford Bronco XLT.
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My brother suggested I take a few photos before starting work on converting the truck into a real off-roadster.  Here's one nice shot.
hi-res version
Here's another shot, using a fisheye adapter.  If you look closely, you can see where I retouched out my foot.
hi-res version
In this photo, a lot of the work has been completed.  You can see the heavy chrome pushbar with the winch tucked away behind, the light bar and lights, including fog lights on the bumper...  Isn't it nice how their blue hue matches the Ford logo?
hi-res version
A side shot, showing the CB antenna in back; that sun really reflects off the tinted windows, doesn't it?
hi-res version
A very artistic shot of my truck parked in the canyon, with the rock wall on the left and the central arroyo passing on the right.  I was able to get the truck into the canyon, though it was scraping bottom at one point; this was despite the 2" body lift.
hi-res version
More Photos of the Truck  

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