Still Images I made a few images just as artwork, for Windows backgrounds, for experimentation and for the simple joy of it.  They were great to pass around, as well.
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One common exercise for a new 3D artist is to take a posing mannikin and make a digital version.  I made this one, and put him in front of this mirrored sphere.
I spent quite a while building a digital model of a Shinto gate.  It was quite detailed, with "sanded" wood, shingles for the roof, and was very nice...  Then the scene I decided to use it in washed out most of the detail.  Ah well.
This scene is one of the first I built; with light from both a "sun" and from the ball of fire.  Not bad for an early effort, eh?
It never fails to amaze me how something I threw together really quickly, as a joke, received more interest from certain people than anything else I've done.  Strange...
Another early effort, made to be a Windows background.  Note the Windows logo bump-mapped onto the left-hand sphere.

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