Commercialism Getting inspiration for new material was sometimes rather difficult.  I began making images for friends, mostly to advertise their modem-line bulletin board systems, and without compensation (except perhaps for "leech" access at their boards).
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This image was done for a friend who worked for Lotus.  Still does, perhaps.  It makes a nice Windows background.
The various BBS advertisements I've done, and some are pretty sophisticated.  Demon's Abyss, to the right, was the first time I decided to exercise my drawing skills, not leaving it to the computer.

NOTE:  I wouldn't try calling these BBSes; the ads are several years old, and the numbers have probably been reassigned.

hi-res still image
For a short time I was associated with a programming "group"; this artwork was done for them.  It was also where I learned not to join these groups, or "klans", or whatever you'd call 'em.

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