Some years ago I got interested in CGI (computer graphics imaging), using a piece of software called a "raytracer".  Software of this variety would take a mathematical description of a three-dimensional scene, and for each pixel on the display, it would trace the path of the light that would hit your eye.  Raytracers were, and still are, the slowest method for rendering computer images, but are able to model scenes that faster methods cannot.

I'm finally putting up an archive of my old computer graphics work, for your viewing pleasure.  Please note that these were made years ago, when video resolutions were much lower and full-screen display was more common.

Abstract artwork.  These pictures were made as art, just for my personal enjoyment, and to amaze my friends and family with.  To a great extent, that's just what they did.

Still Images

I didn't get around to actually SELLING any work for quite a while, but I did make a few pics for friends, mostly to advertise computer bulletin board systems, etc.


Now, still images were nice, still images were interesting, but what I was most interested in was moving pictures.  Never mind that rendering all the frames would lock up a late-model PC for a couple of days...


More recently, I did some work on making raytraced skins for the Winamp audio player.  Skins for other software to follow.


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